Holiday Closings

All branches except for the Space Center branches will be open Friday, July 3rd 

Sept 7- Closed for Labor Day 


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Access your account from wherever you are...home, office, or on the road, with online banking. 

  • -  Access and view all your accounts
  • -  Pay bills
  • -  Transfer funds
  • -  Set up E-Lerts
  • -  And much more

Plus, you can go paperless and simply get an email when your monthly statement is ready to access online.  No more filing, shredding, or worrying that your statement is sitting in your mailbox.  Sign up for online banking at any branch, plus sign up for E-Statements


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Setup your Password Unlock Questions using a link in the Change Password box. 

Prevent getting "Locked-Out" of online banking – Set up your password unlock question by going to "Your Preferences" then "Login Security Credentials."  Click on "Set your Password unlock question" on the right. 

Keep your information updated – If you change your email, be sure to update it.  Same for your address, phone number, etc.  Update it by clicking on  "Your Preferences" then "Contact Information." 

E-Lerts - Set up emails for changes in your balance or when a certain check number clears and several other options. Go to the Notifications tab to set up your e-lerts.  Be aware though, if you select the option "Cancel all Notifications" this will cancel your E-statement also. If you wish to continue receiving an E-statement, you will need to go to "Your Preferences" , "E-statement Selection" to opt back into E-statements.

Personalize the look of your Home Landing page, with options of which screens you utilize most often - To customize your Home page go to "Your Preferences", "Member Preferences" and select what items are your favorites. Options available are Account Summary, Transfer Status, Loan Status, Alerts, News Channel, Weather by Zip Code and Stocks.

Do you have questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.


Keeping you Safe

  • On your first access to online banking,  we will ask that you enroll your account  in Multifactor Authentication process. What is Multifactor Authentication? When it comes to our members' financial information, Launch FCU is committed to providing the most protection possible. Due to FFIEC requirements (Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council) using government approved authentication methods, this heighten security can help ensure that your personal information is protected. You will be asked a series of personal security questions, select a passphrase and an individual image to identify your account login. It is important to safely store these credentials for future reference. For more information about Multi-Factor Authentication, CLICK HERE.
  • Changes Effective December 11, 2013 New Users and Existing Users may select their own personalized User ID, rather than using the default account number as it has always been. This will provide additional security to protect your account information.
  • Password Standards require your password to be 8 to 15 characters and must contain a minimum of 3 of the following character types:

    • Uppercase letters

      Change your User ID using a link on the Change Password box on the right side of the screen.

    • Lowercase letters
    • Numbers
    • Special characters


  • For existing users to change their User Identification:
  • 1. Log into Online Banking.
  • 2. Go to "Your Preferences".
  • 3. Select "Login Security Credential"
  • 4. Change User ID.







Pay Your Bills Online! It's Easy As 1-2-3!

Paying all your bills online is so easy, you'll wonder why you didn't do this before.  

-  Set up Automatic Payments - You'll never be late for a payment again.

-  Transfer money from one Launch FCU account to another - This is a great way to pay your loan or credit card if it's not set up on automatic payment. Must be set up at a branch for cross-account transfer.

-  Transfer money to other bank accounts outside of Launch FCU - Yes!  You can do this! (There is a $2.00 charge for this service)

-  Popmoney - Allows you to "Pay Other People" anywhere, anytime, using one of the following: 1. recipient's email address, 2. mobile phone number, or 3. bank account.  (There is a $.50 charge for this service)


Important Information for Scheduling Payments  Click Here